Saturday, March 01, 2014

It's Snowing...Again!

It's snowing. I am officially over snow! I can't wait until spring and to see green grass and flowers again. We've had lots of snow this year but with the exception of about two weeks, where we were below zero temps and two feet of snow that just wouldn't melt, we've had it pretty easy. The problem is that we get into the 40s or 50s and everything melts and you think it's going to be spring and then the next day you have more snow. It hangs around for a couple of days and then repeats the process. Snow makes me tired. I feel like a bear that just wants to hibernate. I don't even have enough energy to take pictures of the stuff anymore. When we moved into our house in July, we had this beautiful yard with two big trees, rose bushes and other landscape bushes around the yard. It was lovely. Now it looks brown and dead. I know when spring comes the landscape will blossom again and it will be beautiful. Renewed. When that happens, the snow will fade from my memory and along about November I'll  be wishing for that first magical snowfall and the beautiful lights in downtown Fort Collins. Darling Hubby says, "That's one of us."

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

Darling hubby and I are looking forward to a great new year. We are finally settling in to retirement after 18 months. In October we found the Newcomers Club here in Fort Collins and it is helping us to finally meet people and make friends. We have joined activities with the club such as, dinner out group, pinochle club, creative hands, a lunch group and volunteer activities with the food bank. When the weather gets better we hope to try some hiking and biking groups.

January 12th I will be starting square dance lessons again since I haven't been able to dance since I broke my arm last May. I'm ready to get out there again and learn so I can dance with my hubby.  Our son-in-law and grandson are taking lessons, too. It will be great fun to get out and dance again.

We wish everybody a happy and healthy new year.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Cleaning Up at the Larimer County Fair

I went out to the Larimer County Fair today to see my quilt that I entered. This is the first time I've entered the fair and I'm excited to say I won third place in my category. I did all the piecing on this quilt and my daughter, Kim, did the quilting and binding. "Women of Courage"
Kim won 2nd place for her "Minglewood" quilt.
Kim also won 1st place for her Linda Hibbert paper pieced wall hanging.
My 12 year old granddaughter, Heather, won 1st place and Reserve Grand Champion for her paper pieced wall hanging of a lighthouse.

She also won 1st place for one of her photographs, "Wagon Wheel".
 She also won Grand Champion for her drawing of a fashion show.
My grandson also entered a Lego movie camera he made with a real camera inside.

My son-in-law entered a photograph.
My daughter entered a letterboxing stamp she carved.
And oh yeah, did I forget to mention I won third place for "Women of Courage" har har!
The fair was a lot of fun and I can't wait to enter it next year!

Broken Arm and Medical Bills

I had my last orthopedic doctor's appointment this morning for my broken left arm. Dr. Baer was very impressed with how far I had been able to rehabilitate my arm by myself. That's right folks, no physical therapy because I have no health insurance. I asked the doctor to just give me some exercises  and I would do them on my own. I'm pretty proud of myself because he told me today that he really didn't expect me to get full function back in my arm and I'm almost there. Usually it takes between 8 months and a year to get full function if at all. I'm only 3 months  into this. I can raise my hand above my head to match my other arm and even though it hurts, raise it from  my side all the way up. I'm still working on getting it higher behind my back but it's getting easier every day.

By the way, I had crappy health insurance with a $5000.00 deductible. My bills are coming out to be around $4000.00, so I'm on the hook for all of it. It was $1117.00 just for the three mile ambulance ride. One of my neighbors that is a first responder let me in on a little secret. Unless you are having a possible heart attack, don't let them transport you. At least here in Colorado, you can call an ambulance, have them check you out, even have them splint a broken bone and then refuse to be transported. They won't charge you for it. I wish he would have told me that before I fell.

It remains to be seen if Obama care will help me get decent health insurance in January or if I will be saving my money to pay the IRS penalty!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Larimer County Fair

I'm going to enter this quilt in the Larimer  County Fair that opens in August. The quilt is my "Women of Courage" quilt that I put in a previous post about my quilting. I did the piecing on this quilt while my daughter, Kim, did the quilting and binding because I broke my arm and couldn't finish it. The entry into the fair will reflect that. I'm not entering because I expect to win anything, because I can see flaws when I look at it, but I want the experience. I love this quilt, flaws and all, because it's beautiful and finished. I'll post about the experience after the fair.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Women of Courage

This is the quilt I've been working on for the last 11 months. It was a block of the month at my local quilt shop. The ladies that own Sweetheart Quilt Shoppe in Loveland, Colorado are so friendly and helpful and they are a joy to learn from. I did all the piecing and putting the quilt top together, and then because I broke my arm, my daughter, Kim, did the quilting and binding. I love this quilt.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Taking A Break Because Of A Break

I'm going to be taking a break from all my favorite activities because on Mother's Day I fell down the basement steps at my daughter's house and broke my left arm in two places and sprained my left ankle. Because the break is near the end of the bone that goes into the shoulder socket, they can't put a cast on. I will be in a sling 4-6 weeks and then therapy. You don't realize how much you use both arms until you can't use one of them. All I can say is I am trusting God for healing, counting my blessings it wasn't worse, and thanking God for the wonderful husband that is taking really good care of me.